“First Case Scenario” by Annemarie DeClark

After reading a few “heavier” books lately, it was a delight to read a lighter mystery, like First Case Scenario, and exclaim, “Move over Stephanie Plum!” because Detective Harlee O’Connor has arrived in a rollicking mystery sure to keep you entertained, as Harlee and a cast of quirky family and friends come to life and the audacious Harlee goes undercover in a strip club to follow leads, unearth juicy details, and solve a cold case and a recent murder that have a common murder weapon.  The story, set in the Motor City –Detroit, moves along easily with very good writing and is lots of fun, slightly salacious, and a fairly good mystery, all of which make me impatient for the second book in the “Harlee’s Whodunit in the Motor City” series -“Second to None”!

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Filed under FICTION, Harlee's Whodunit in the Motor City Series, LIGHTER FICTION, MYSTERY, Part of a SERIES

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